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Our product is going to put your lead generation on autopilot.


$95 / monthly
Billed monthly
Billed annually
100,000 Companies Monthly
10,000 Prospects Monthly
25,000 API credits Monthly
This plan allows you to create dynamic lists (when our algorithms detect a new company or prospect that matches your filter, we automatically add it).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription later?
Is it legal and GDPR compliant?
How often do you update your database?
What is the difference between a prospect and a company?
Do you provide a verified email for the prospects?

Still not convinced? Here is why we are different from others

Your prospects are automatically found for you

(Which means that no browser extension is needed)

You can focus on the most important thing in sales: writing your messages, doing demos, and closing customers.

All business emails are verified using multiple verifiers

(because bounce rate id bad for your campaigns)

This tactic makes sure we have one of the best deliverability rates on the market.

We can find email addresses behind a catch-all

(Believe us, this was not easy to achieve)

50% of companies have a catch-all. Don’t exclude them from your potential customers just because your tool can't deal with them.

We make sure prospects are working in the company

(Many employees change companies every two to three years)

We have designed our own algorithms to ensure you will not send messages to people you should not focus on.

Our database of companies is updated every week

(We also remove companies that went out of business)

Do you need to target a specific technology? A given industry? We are always here to help you!
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Hi, I am trying to contact businesses with at least 10 employees who are using Shopify and Instagram. But, I am not sure about how I should proceed.
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No worries! Just head over to our company directory and create a filter. Let me show you how!