Discover the new features we have added to ProspectWith

September 2021

Browse 14 million companies from today

We have spent all our summer working on our database. The result? We doubled its size while adding tons of new data points.

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June 2021

Sync your lists of companies and prospects with your favorite tools

We have just released new integrations for Hubspot, Pipedrive, DropContact, and LaGrowthMachine. Feel free to reach us if you need a specific integration.

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March 2021

Find all email patterns used by 100+ million companies

Is it [email protected] or [email protected]? Maybe both? Now, you can detect the email patterns used by a given company.

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February 2021

Enrich any company with our intuitive API

Send us a domain name and we will return back a full company profile including the revenue, the industries, the total number of employees, the technologies, and so on.

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January 2021

Reveal the decision-makers for each list of companies

Download the ProspectWith Chrome extension, choose one of your company lists, define the job positions you are targeting and voila!

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October 2020

ProspectWith is available in English, French, and Spanish

To make the navigation easier for some users, we have translated the platform into two other languages. If you want to use ProspectWith in another language, feel free to reach us in the chatbox.

September 2020

Browse 7 million companies to find your ideal customers

We just reached 7,000,000 companies. Filter by industry, revenue, total employees, technologies, locations and download the results in one click.

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